Saturday, February 06, 2010


Welcome to
the art and views of
Therese Masters Jacobson

Magazine scraps

are the perfect medium
for a self portrait.

Peace Dove

Mosaic Tile 2009

My art takes shape in many media

--essentially, anything that stirs my
creative juices--
return address labels.
Take a look!

Click on any image for a closer look.

Page in field sketch book
while camping,
June 2009

Women's Books
Watercolor 2009

Sewing Notions Watercolor 2009

Teacher's Books Watercolor 2009

Canning Supplies
Watercolor 2009

"It is the supreme art of the teacher
to awaken joy in
creative expression and knowledge."

~Albert Einstein

My Dale
Ceramic 2008
11" x 12" x 6"

My husband,
poet and English professor
Dale Jacobson,
with me on Thanksgiving Day 2008


Watercolor 2005
16" x 16"

Fruit on White Plate

Watercolor 2008
9" x 7"

Siamese Cat
Glass mosaic 2008
5" x 7"

Catherine and Miles
Pen & Ink - 2008
Stippled 11" x 8"

Return address labels
22" x 28"

Alvarado Wheatfield
Acrylic on wood panel 2006
20" x 16"

The outdoors is one of the greatest
treasures we have. I believe we must
take care of this earth for all
prospective generations to come.

Ceramic Tile Mosaic


Feathers Rock Paint

My young grandson, Trent, drew a portrait
of me on my summer '08 visit to see him.
He used a joyful color palette, including
yellow flip-flops! :-) He even drew a
sea gull
like the ones that flew by all day.

Mary Cassatt is one of my
favorite artists for her
warmth of subject,
and personal independent spirit.

I painted my
daughter and
granddaughter using
to emulate Cassatt's
while retaining my own style.

Each generation is a treasure,
and we are held responsible for training the next.
Through art I teach social responsibility and

awareness, while showing ways of self-expression.

Here are a few expressions created by my students.
To see more student artwork, go to:

Madi's SEALS - 2008

This is an absolutely
beautiful statement about the
parent (or teacher)-child relationship:
the adult scaffolding the younger one.


Click images for a close-up!

Teaching art history and art
appreciation is important.
To clarify a lesson about American
artist Grant Wood, students,
re-created his "American Gothic"
by altering the subjects of the
famous painting.


Click images for a close-up!

One of my students created this
mosaic, symbolizing
amidst the Four Elements
Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.


A high school student sends a
message to each viewer
this plaster sculpture--her
very first
attempt at reductive



Windowsill Cat
was influenced by
the misty, melancholy style of
Andrew Wyeth's painting.



My father, Ray, was witty.
On Feb. 25, 2001 he wrote,
"Although the week
ended in
grand fashion,
it took almost
a week
to get here."

Stippled pen & ink

Friends and relatives, old and young,
my watercolors and drawings span subjects
across four or five generations

Left: Catherine McC's Parents - 2007
Right: Swinging Girl - 2005

Whatever your joy in the world,
you are welcome in my studio.

Come again sometime to see what's been added.

Peace Dove
Ceramic Tile Mosaic 2007

May you know PEACE.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Food for All People

Thousands upon thousands
of people have empty bowls.
Our U.S. economy is suffering.
People of other nations are
suffering too:
Gaza, Burma,
Darfur, Pakistan, and more.

You can help without paying a cent.
Go to:

Feed hungry people around the world!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Favorite Writings

"It is the supreme art of the teacher
to awaken joy
in creative expression and knowledge."
~Albert Einstein

"The main things which seem to me important…
are knowledge, art, instinctive happiness,
and … friendship or affection."
~Bertrand Russell

"If you want to make peace,
you don't talk to your friends.
You talk to your enemies."
~Moshe Dayan

"Everyone thinks of changing the world,
but no one thinks of changing himself."
~Leo Tolstoy

"A single gentle rain
makes the grass many shades greener.
So our prospects brighten
on the influx of better thoughts."
~Henry David Thoreau

"I think everyone should like everyone
~Andy Warhol

"Now plan your creation, your dream in the sky.
No castle is built by those who don't try.
Remember, as long as you think and you feel,
Imagination and love will make your dream real."
~from Sky Castle, by Sandra Hanken


“You and I are often one,” you said,
but one can also be subtraction
of one from two, the one I’ve never
known, not that mirror where the past
and nostalgia contend, nor the mathematics
I’ve always used to measure distance
to foreign cities or hometown, but
the secret workings of the light
you paint, the still infinite flame within
sunflower, prairie aster, or rapt face.

“Peace” is your favorite word, and I
know you want the world to be One
like the universe is One, that number
simple like a flagless flagpole points
to stars in full fierce blaze invisible
just beyond the afternoon sky where
all light and dark is equal– and I said,
“The sky is blue so maybe we could
forget nations and just hang the sky
on a flagpole and call it a world.”

Well, the world seems a long way
from itself but light remains steady,
like fluid crystal, and while doors open,
close, or are broken down, and while
the shining city on the hill is a fence
around a rich man’s house, blue still
remains your favorite color– and mine
yellow, the sun in its field keeps it own
time over the prairie, and stones deep
in midnight lakes dream their own stars.

So this is said: the universe is at peace
already, and you are the one I will marry.

~Dale Jacobson